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vidmate for mac pc

Vidmate for Mac PC is a fantastic application which enables you to play and download the online movies, videos, TV shows for completely free. The amazing features and functionalities of Vidmate are the reason for its worldwide popularity. Along with movies and videos, you can watch sports, news, music channels, cartoons, web series, TV shows, and LiveTV. It supports the downloads from the social network websites such as Instagram and Facebook as well.

In addition, Vidmate for Mac PC has a user-friendly interface. Therefore, you can operate the application and its sections very smoothly. Moreover, it provides you with the daily suggestion and recommendations of popular channels and websites. Hence, you do not need to visit any site individually, as you get all of them at a single place. Further, in this article, you will get the idea about the capabilities of this wonderful application. So apart from downloading the videos, you can utilise its marvellous features too.

Astonishing Features of Vidmate for Mac PC

  • With Vidmate for Mac PC, you get the unlimited supply of entertainment from many online video streaming websites without spending a single penny from your pocket.
  • You can create the collection of your own favourite music and movies and can even play them in offline mode.
  • The application supports multilingual downloads. In other words, you can download videos either in your native language or the one which suits you the best. Vidmate includes Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and many different languages.
  • In addition, you can watch or download the videos and Live TV shows without any buffering and interruptions.
  • Vidmate gives you the liberty to manipulate the downloads. There are options like pause, resume and delete by which you can manage the downloading media.
  • Easily you can copy and paste the URL of the videos and then download it.
  • Moreover, the app has a thumbnail preview feature. This permits you to play the video along surfing the other videos on the same website. This also has one advantage as you can check whether the correct content is getting a download.
  • Vidmate supports various formats of videos like 3GP, MOV, Mp4 and FLV. In addition, you can convert any video file to an audio format using its inbuilt converter.
  • Furthermore, you can select the resolution from full HD to the lowest image quality for your downloading video.
  • Using Vidmate, you can download a file with the size limit of 1 GB.
  • Simultaneously, you can place multiple downloads on Vidmate and then for faster downloads you can set the number of threads.
  • Also, it offers you 150+ different online videos streaming channels and websites. Therefore, there is no need to search individually every website for the videos as you get them all at one place.
  • The best part of Vidmate for Mac PC users is no monthly or yearly subscriptions bond. Neither it displays any irritating pop-ups nor annoying advertisement.


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